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We shape the future. With experience, a spirit of innovation and the highest standards, we are setting out for new horizons.

We develop forward-looking technologies for the aerospace of tomorrow and our innovations make us a leading force in the e-mobility and energy industry.

Montana Aerospace gibt die Absicht zum Börsengang bekannt.

Thanks to its global presence in development and production and its broad multi-material competence, Montana Aerospace is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of complex lightweight components and structures for the aerospace industry. As a highly integrated full-service provider with state-of-the-art production facilities in Europe, America and Asia, we support the local-to-local strategy of our customers. A high level of innovation and a strong commitment to sustainability pave the future path for the industrial group. This makes us an important partner for the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers.

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Montana Aerospace’s core competencies include the development and manufacture of highly critical aircraft parts. Our product portfolio extends from structural components more than 20 meters long for the fuselage, wings and landing gear to critical engine components subject to high thermal and mechanical loads, and functional components for the cabin interior.


Every gram counts. This is why we work with high-tech materials, optimize designs and use future-oriented manufacturing processes. The outcome: parts designed for top performance and maximum safety. Our extensive know-how is therefore in demand in other industries too and is not only used in aerospace, but also in the e-mobility sector and energy industry where top quality, resilience and reliability are a necessity.


Efficiency, speed, quality, sustainability – the advantages of vertical process integration are compelling. When it comes to the consistency in implementation, Montana Aerospace sets a new standard. From the processing of raw materials using recycled base materials to the assembly of entire components, our one-stop-shops offer our global customers the highest standards in quality, delivery reliability and service. By streamlining the supply chain, delivery times are shortened, CO2-emissions are reduced through shorter delivery routes and costs are saved. Our extensive investments in new, modern production facilities underline our state-of-the-art claim.

> Schmelzen und Stranggiessen
> Recycling (internen Rückläufe, externer Schrotte) > Extrusion (Aluminium, Titan, Hartmetalle, Rohre)
> Wärmebehandlung
> CNC-Bearbeitung
> Metallumformung (Roll-Forming, Stretch Forming, Elastoforming, Joggling)
> Oberflächenbehandlung (Aluminium, Titan, Hartmetalle)
> Lackieren
> Teilmontage und Montage


In den Cast Houses werden in einem äußerst effizienten Verfahren Legierungen hergestellt.


Hochmodernen Anlagen ermöglichen die Herstellung komplexer Strukturkomponenten für den Aerospace Markt.


Dank unsere Forming- Fertigkeit können wir extrudierte Profile zu netz- nahen Komponenten formen.


Mehr als 150 CNC-Maschinen ermöglichen die Bearbeitung systemkritischer Bauteile mit engen Toleranzen.


Oberflächenbehandlungslinien sind vollautomatisch, Abwasseraufbereitungsanlagen sind umweltfreundlich.


Hochqualifizierten Mitarbeiter fertigen und montieren kritische Komponenten für anspruchsvolle Kunden.







In our 4 continuous casting plants we manufacture extrusion billets from a broad range of customer-specific aluminum alloys. In addition to hard aerospace alloys of the 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx alloy classes, we cast alloys of the 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx alloy classes for the e-mobility end market and other industrial applications. The location of our foundries directly in front of the pressing plants underline our sustainability claim, as does the use of ~70% recycled aluminium as a raw material in our aerospace products.

Montana Aerospace is a world leader in the extrusion of high-strength aerospace alloys. Our 7 pressing plants with> 25 presses and a press force of up to 17,000 MT as well as our competency in heat treatment of soft and hard metals, sets the standard in e-mobility and other industrial sectors. Thanks to our ultramodern systems, precision profiles of the highest quality can be manufactured for further processing into highly critical structural components and assemblies.

Our extensive capacities in metal forming enable us to further refine our extruded profiles or supplied metal sheets. Using processes such as roll forming, stretch forming or elastoforming, we manufacture close-contour components for delivery to our customers or for further processing in our own value chain.

Montana Aerospace has a state-of-the-art machine park with almost 200 CNC systems in locations in Europe and Asia, which specialize in system-critical components with tight tolerances. The range of machines mainly consists of high-speed machines with 4 and 5 axes for machining aluminum, titanium and hard metal components. A broad range of long-bed and multi-spindle machines is available for processing profiles and plate components.

4 highly automated lines enable surface treatment of our components. In addition to aluminum, we surface treat titanium and other hard metals. Whether it is a matter of functionality or esthetics, we master colorless anodizing, internal anodizing, powder coating, powder brushing and painting. Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment and the latest safety measures underscore our focus on sustainability.

Our assembly competence covers a wide range of aerospace, e-mobility and energy-related assembly processes. These include manual as well as partially and fully automated processes for the close tolerance assembly of aerostructure components. A modern workplace organization with online connections to engineering and production planning ensure the highest quality and delivery reliability.


Not all of Montana Aerospace’s innovations are visible to the naked eye  – some progress can only be measured in numbers. The efficiency of our one-stop-shop concept is one of these innovations.

We point out here in direct comparison by using the example of a titanium  “seat track“ the advantages of our One-Stop-Shop concept in direct comparison to conventional, non-integrated supply chains.

- 0 Suppliers
The number of suppliers decreased from 7 to 2
- 0 km
The transport routes shortened from 17,000 km to 2,000 km
- 0 tons
CO₂ footprint is reduced by ~60%
- 50 weeks
Delivery time is shortened from 60 to 10-12 weeks


Our product quality and innovation are based on many competencies. One of these lies in the profound material know-how of our experts. At Montana Aerospace, multi-material competence starts with developing new alloys, continues with advising customers on optimal material-process-combinations and only ends after the assembly of specific materials.

We focus on innovative solutions made of aluminum, titanium, superalloys, special steels, copper and composite materials. Use of our patented alloys 2043 or 7136 highlights the implementation of our many years of experience and material competency that result in concrete benefits for our customers.

Starting out as an extrusion specialist, Montana Aerospace has developed into a highly integrated specialist for innovative material solutions over the past 15 years. Customer focus and sustainable entrepreneurship are among our core values, which we demonstrate on a daily basis as a globally operating partner.

Kai Arndt, CO-CEO



Sustainable entrepreneurship is one of the five corporate values of Montana Aerospace.
We are clearly committed to global climate goals. Consistently reducing the carbon footprint along the entire value chain is thus part of our daily work.

Streamlining logistic chains through vertical integration: our one-stop-shop strategy shortens delivery routes and reduces logistics costs to a minimum, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional manufacturing concepts.

Recycling: sorting and returning raw materials is a key task in our factories. Our components contain up to 80% recycled aluminum. We recycle 100% of our own aluminum scrap back into the production cycle.

Reducing product weight: fewer heavy materials and an optimized design for our lightweight solutions enable a reduction in mass, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Optimizing processes: by using near-net-shape production processes, material efficiency is greatly increased.

Increasing efficiency: our internal mechanical engineering expertise supports ongoing optimization of the energy efficiency of our systems and infrastructure.

Reducing water consumption: our fully automatic surface treatment lines are equipped with environmentally friendly water treatment, thus greatly increasing the amount of purified water fed back into our production processes.

Several measures to increase environmental compatibility provide benefits to Montana Aerospace and its customers: quality increases, increases in process reliability and cost reductions all result in sustainable management in sync with the environment!

The growing importance of environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) in all industries is also reflected in the corporate philosophy of Montana Aerospace. Because our continued success is based on integrating ESG goals and commitments into our growth strategy, reducing the environmental impact is one of our key business goals. Our health, safety and environmental policy is guided by these commitments. It describes how we will achieve our goals. Our customers also benefit from this policy, as it helps them achieve their own environmental goals. Anyone doing business with Montana Aerospace will do so in accordance with our corporate values. Our interactions are guided by the desire to build and maintain long-term relationships with added value for society. In addition, Montana Aerospace offers its employees a respectful, safe and appealing work environment in which people are the focus and diversity is considered a great opportunity and an asset.

Streamlining logistic chains through vertical integration: our one-stop-shop strategy shortens delivery routes and reduces logistical expenses to a minimum. The concept ‘from raw material to ready-to-install product – one-stop-shop’ significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional manufacturing concepts.

Recycling: sorting and returning raw materials is key in our factories. Recycling aluminum is very important to keep the proportion of primarily produced aluminum as low as possible. Our foundries are equipped to recycle our own metal returns and, in some cases, also external scrap. These are fed back into the production process as extrusion bolts, which on average consist of ~ 70% recycled aluminum.

Reducing product weight: by using lighter materials and an optimized design, Montana Aerospace lightweight solutions enable use of lighter materials and a reduction in the mass, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Examples include the use of weight-reduced alloys such as the patented aluminum-lithium alloy 2043 or the replacement of ferrous materials with light metals in e-mobility applications.

Optimizing processes: by using near-net-shape production processes, material efficiency is greatly increased. Examples include the development of near-net-shape extrusion profiles to produce complex structural parts, thus replacing sheet material that would have to be milled to the final parts design that involves a great deal of time and energy.

Increasing efficiency: ongoing optimization of the energy efficiency of our systems and infrastructure is supported by our internal mechanical engineering expertise.

Reducing water consumption: water is valuable. Our fully automatic surface treatment lines are equipped with environmentally friendly water treatment. The amount of purified water fed back into our production processes is thereby significantly increased.


32 production sites in 14 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia demonstrate the customer proximity of Montana Aerospace, as do our engineering and sales centers located around the world. Our concept consists of advising, developing, producing and providing service on a local-for-local basis in a global network. Fast response times, intelligent logistics concepts and cost-optimized solutions are the cornerstones of our long-term customer relationships and partnerships with leading manufacturers in the aerospace, e-mobility and energy industries.


Our customers have acknowledged our performance by honoring us with over 20 awards in recent years.


AIRBUS - 2020


BOEING - 2017


SPIRIT - 2020