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Montana Aerospace Michael Tojner

DDr. Michael Tojner

Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Austrian citizen, born in 1966

Current mandate
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VARTA AG, Supervisory Board of Dorotheum GmbH, board member of the Vienna Industrial Association, university lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Entrepreneurial activities
2006 founding of Montana Tech Components AG, 1998 founding of Global Equity Partners Beteiligungs-Management GmbH and since then CEO of Austria’s largest venture capital company with international investments in more than 70 companies, 1998 founding and since then owner of WertInvest Beteiligungs- und Immobilienberatungs GmbH with more than 100 real estate developments.

Michel Tojner became an entrepreneur at a young age and, starting in 1989, developed a large number of companies.

2018 “Is the Euro Safe”, 2014 “Equity Capital and Entrepreneurship”, 2015 “State Quota and Pension Systems”, 2012 “National Debt Crisis and National Bankruptcies”, 2010 “Capital Market and Economics” (series of articles from 2001/2003/2009)

1986-1990 degree and PhD studies in business administration, Vienna University of Economics, dissertation “Venture Capital”, distinction from the Ludwig Bolzmann Institute; 1986-1991 degree and PhD studies in law, University of Vienna, dissertation “Privatizations in Eastern Europe”, 2001 participation in executive programs at Standford University and 2002 at Harvard Business School.