Montana Aerospace Co-CEO Kai Arndt emphasizes Leadership beyond Profits at the World Innovations Economics (WIE) Event 2024 in Davos

Montana Aerospace Co-CEO Kai Arndt participated in a panel discussion at the World Innovations Economics Initiative as part of the World Economic Forum week in Davos on 17 January 2024. Under the theme „Leading beyond profit“, high-profile participants discussed the increasing responsibility of CEOs not only for effective business management, but also for shaping a sustainable future. All participants shared the view that profit is the result of successful corporate leadership and an essential component for creating innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

Leading beyond profit
Speaking as a presenter, Kai Arndt, emphasised that „leading beyond profit” means that profit is only one outcome. The focus is on how a company is led, guided, and managed. Leadership involves incorporating values into decision-making processes, taking responsibility, and promoting continuous learning and improvement. Arndt stressed that this leadership approach includes every employee, and the challenge is to develop a committed strategy and engage and enlist employees in it.

Internal communication as a success multiplier
Arndt sees internal communication as a critical success factor. „The ultimate KPI becomes apparent when employees not only fulfil their tasks, but actively contribute to the success of the company,“ he emphasises. “This requires a clear corporate strategy and effective communication. A well thought-out strategy is the foundation. Transparent communication ensures that the strategy is not only understood, but embraced by every team member„. He added: „The combination of a clear strategy and transparent communication creates a common direction within the team. Everyone needs to understand how they contribute to achieving the company’s goals. Not only does this create motivation, but it is critical for long-term, sustainable success.”

Montana Aerospace offers and develops ongoing employee programmes, including a mentoring programme, a new employee onboarding programme, ongoing training and workshops. The company is currently working on a mobility programme across its US, European and Asian locations.

One-Stop-Shop for sustainable and clean aviation
As one of the most globalised industries, aviation connects people, cultures and businesses around the world. The aviation sector creates jobs and supports international trade and tourism. In order to steer the rapidly growing aviation industry towards a sustainable future with ever-increasing passenger numbers, the sector needs new concepts that can reconcile growth with sustainability. Montana Aerospace, listed on the Swiss stock exchange since 2021, positions itself as a game-changer in the entire supply chain of the aviation industry with its unique One-Stop-Shop concept. With a business strategy of „Everything under one roof, locally where the customers are“, the company works closely with leading aircraft OEMs to make aviation more sustainable through smarter production processes, innovative material developments and advanced designs.

In addition, Montana Aerospace is actively involved in innovation and research projects to continually develop the company’s expertise.

„Leading beyond Profit“ panelists: Kai Arndt, Co-CEO Montana Aerospace AG – Andreas Berger, CEO Swiss Re Corporate Solutions – Jonathan Price, President & CEO TECK – Luca Zerbini, CEO Una Terra Moderation: Marina Cvetkovic & Nicole Heimann, Co-CEOs Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners

About Montana Aerospace AG
Montana Aerospace AG is a leading manufacturer of system components and complex assemblies for the aerospace industry, with worldwide engineering and manufacturing operations. The Company has approximately 7,000 highly skilled employees at 22 locations on four continents – designing, developing and producing ground-breaking technologies for tomorrow’s aerospace, e-mobility and energy industries made of aluminium, titanium, composite, copper and steel.

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