Montana Aerospace AG (the “Company”) and its operating subsidiaries (the “Group” or “Montana Aerospace”), a leading, highly-vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of system components and complex assemblies for the aerospace, e-mobility and energy industries with worldwide engineering and manufacturing operations, announces that its board of directors has resolved yesterday to transfer a large part of the Management Stock Option Program (“MSOP”) which has been provided by its principal shareholder Montana Tech Components AG (“MTC”) to the Company.

According to the respective transfer agreement between the Company and MTC, which has been approved by the board of directors yesterday, the rights and obligations out of up to 615,320 options granted under the MSOP (i.e. up to 43% of all options at an exchange ratio 1:1, relating to up to 1% of the outstanding shares of the Company) will be transferred from MTC to the Company as of 23 December 2022. Options that have already vested in 2021 or will vest in 2022 will not be transferred. In addition, the board of directors of the Company has resolved to reduce the strike price of the options to be transferred from CHF 25.65 to CHF 18.00. For the transfer, the Company will receive a consideration of up to CHF 1.9

While so far all shares to be delivered under the MSOP have been provided by MTC, the shares related to the options to be transferred will henceforth be provided by the Company. The integration of the MSOP into the Company will further strengthen the identification with the Company of the respective employees.

The company hereby follows the governance recommendation expressed by shareholder groups in the course of the last general meeting to strive for greater independence of the company from the majority shareholder.

The objective of the MSOP awarded in 2021 was and is to motivate the more than 120 significant employees of Montana Aerospace participating in the MSOP to intensify their identification with the company and to participate in its success. The reduction of the exercise price is intended to take these elements into account.

Michael Pistauer, Co-CEO and CFO of Montana Aerospace AG adds: „The new structure re-emphasizes the independence of our company and is aligned with current industry best practice standards.“

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About Montana Aerospace AG

Montana Aerospace AG is a leading manufacturer of system components and complex assemblies for the aerospace industry, with worldwide engineering and manufacturing operations. The Company has approximately 7,200 highly skilled employees at 32 locations on four continents – designing, developing and producing ground-breaking technologies for tomorrow’s aerospace, E-Mobility and energy industries made of aluminium, titanium, composite, copper and steel.


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Head of M&A and Investor Relations
Marc Vesely recte Riha
Tel: +43 664 61 26 261
E-Mail: ir@montana-aerospace.com

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