Montana Aerospace Division ASCO is research partner and associated member of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking Program of the European Union.

By successfully joining the program, ASCO is leveraging its extensive expertise as a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-lift structures and recent novel research & innovation solutions in complex aircraft aerostructures for an ultra-efficient aviation project, paving the way for carbon neutrality by 2050, which is a key goal of the initiative.

Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking
The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking (CAJU) is the European Union’s flagship research and innovation program under Horizon Europe, dedicated to transforming aviation towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. It brings together key stakeholders such as OEMs, industry suppliers, SMEs, research centers and universities to collectively address the challenges of this ambitious goal. “Clean Aviation is not just another project, ESG is not just a section in a strategic plan, both initiatives are embedded in the attitude and DNA of our company”, Montana Aerospace Co-CEO Kai Arndt says.

Carbon-Neutral Aviation in Europe by 2050
By becoming a member of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, ASCO continues to make significant technical contributions to the European aviation system. At the same time, the company actively participates in the journey towards climate neutrality by 2050. As an Associate Member, ASCO engages with the aviation community and contributes to the definition of program strategy, technical roadmaps and priorities. In addition, ASCO can be consulted by other members, facilitated by its seat on the CAJU Technical Committee.

Montana Aerospace Division ASCO contributes its design and development expertise to Clean Aviation research projects. ASCO, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-lift structures, complex mechanical assemblies and critical functional components, has an impressive track record in research and innovation activities for complex aircraft components. This involvement takes place in regional, national and European projects where ASCO acts as coordinator or partner. “Currently, ASCO is a core partner in the Airframe ITD of the Clean Sky 2 program through the MANTA project, responsible for the design of a novel multifunctional flap mechanism that has recently been successfully tested”, ASCO Industries CEO Olaf Lawrenz says.

Focus on disruptive technologies and ultra-efficiency for the future of aviation. As a one-stop-shop for aerostructures, ASCO, together with Montana Aerospace Division Uni-versal Alloy Cooperation (UAC), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of structural components and assemblies for the aerospace industry, will bring its extensive multi-material expertise in the field of lightweight design and its entire institutionalization competence to CAJU. ASCO has been particularly successful in the second CAJU project call, where it is a partner in the Hybrid-Electric Regional Fuselage & Empennages (HERFUSE) project to design part of the floor grid structure coordinated by Leonardo. Further participation in the groundbreaking aircraft concepts is planned in all three main pillars of the CAJU Phase 2 program, with a focus on the Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft, the Ultra-efficient Short-to-Medium-Range Aircraft and on breakthrough technologies to enable hydrogen-powered aircraft.


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