Montana Aerospace is successfully delivering new structural assemblies for A320 aircraft to Airbus Atlantic

Montana Aerospace has successfully started the serial production of a new product line, manufacturing „Section 11 Floor Grid,“ for Airbus Atlantic. These are complex components installed in the nose fuselage section of the Airbus A320. With its One-Stop-Shop concept, Montana Aerospace guarantees streamlined supply chains, shorter delivery times, and reduced CO2 emissions through optimized processes.

The Montana Aerospace Aerostructures division Universal Alloy Corporation (UAC) Europe, a partner of the world’s most successful aerospace companies, manufactures the components for Airbus Atlantic at its new facility in Baia Mare, Romania, which commenced operations in 2019.

“Multi sourcing our key components for the A320 is one of Airbus Atlantic’s distinctive approaches to secure the ramp-up of this very important program. We are glad to count Montana Aerospace as one of our key strategic partners and we look forward to their success and ours in this new collaboration” said José-Maria Trujillano, Chief Procurement Officer, Airbus Atlantic.

The Section 11 floor grid for the Airbus A320, structurally supports the cabin and distributes the weight of the crew and other equipment onto the aircraft structure. The assembly consists of 360 individual parts, 150 sub-assemblies, and over 6,500 standard parts. The assembly of the floor grids is done entirely manually at various workstations and on specially designed assembly fixtures.

For the new Airbus Atlantic project, more than 70 percent of the production, from raw material to machining and surface treatment, will be carried out at our facility in Romania. We have established One-Stop-Shops for the aviation industry worldwide, in the USA, Europe, and Asia, to streamline and simplify our customers’ supply chains. Additionally, we can offer significantly shorter delivery times and even reduce CO2  emissions through shorter supply routes by producing at a single location,“ emphasized Kai Arndt, Co-CEO of Montana Aerospace AG. The contract with Airbus Atlantic is a multi-year long-term agreement.

Montana Aerospace is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with state-of-the-art facilities that ensure daily production challenges are met while maintaining a world class delivery and quality performance. By investing in Romania, Montana Aerospace reinforces its commitment to a local-to-local sourcing strategy. This strategic move minimizes transportation distances, leading to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. Consequently, Montana Aerospace empowers its customers to fulfill their sustainability goals effectively. Moreover, as an aerostructures supplier, Montana Aerospace meticulously plans and secures each customer’s future ramp-up plan, leaving no detail unattended.

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